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This year we have older Lambs (Hogget) for Qurbani/Udhiyyah Approx age will be 18 – 24months typically 25kg gross weight.

Our schedule is subject to change depending on Eid dates but here is a rough guide. We will be in touch closer to Eid regarding precise delivery dates.
– Zabiha on 2nd and 3rd day of Eid
– Butchery & deliveries nationwide 20th – 23rd June
Collections from our cutting plant can take place will take place from Thursday 20th June

Please put your cutting preferences in the note box. Offal will be sent provided we receive it back from slaughterhouse.

You will receive approx 18/19kg net weight after butchery and packing is done.

Cutting options

Neck: whole/steak/small pieces

Ribs: Spare ribs/small pieces/whole breast

Chops: 1inch sliced/lamb rack

Leg 1 : Small pieces/boneless/Steak/Mince

Leg 2: Small pieces/boneless/steak/mince

Shoulder 1: Small pieces/boneless/Steak/Mince

Shoulder 2: Small pieces/boneless/Steak/Mince

Donate Your Qurbani

If you would like to donate portions or all of your Qurbani meat, we have teamed up with a number of charity organisations who are doing some amazing work with disadvantaged families and the homeless. They will ensure your Qurbani meat is distributed to families most in need and homeless soup kitchens Nationwide. Please specify in the notes section the organisation of your choice. (Greater Manchester based Foodbank) (Nationwide foodbank distribution) (Liverpool Based Foodbank)