Conventional vs Eden Pureganic Comparison

Factory Farmed Vs Eden

Mass Produced Chicken

  • Ross Cobb is a modified breed specifically for fast production, ready in 31-42 days.
  • Life indoors only.
  • Oversized bodies means they cant walk about or mimic natural behaviour
  • Skeletal and bone breakage due to being overweight is expected along with heart attacks.
  • 30% of birds from these poultry farms are expected to die before slaughter
  • Tens of Thousands of birds per flock in intense dark cramped conditions
  • Routine antibiotics used in feed due to disease risk
  • When we have infections or illness we may be resistant to these very same antibiotics causing further health problems
  • Undignified work conditions
  • Poor waste management which pollutes our water, soil, biodiversity and the air we breath contributing to climate change.
  • Genetically Modified Feed
  • Reared on land and feed manufactured from crops that depend on pesticides and fertilisers which again pollute our water soil biodiversity and the air we breath contributing to climate change.

Our Commitment to you:

Our chickens enjoy the great outdoors, roaming free, foraging and grazing on green pastures
from first light to dusk.

We have worked hard searching the country to bring you the very best lamb too. Delicious lamb that
has been meticulously sourced from producers who share our ethos and take great pride in what they do.
It has been pasture fed and raised on organic principles

When it comes to slaughtering the only way to ensure it is done correctly, is to do it personally and that’s exactly what we do. We believe in better welfare for animals and better standards within our supply chain.

Organically Reared: This is the Gold standard of livestock no herbicides or pesticides are sprayed on the land, exclusively grass fed lamb and non synthetically manufactured feed. Organically reared animals are higher in protein and have a healthier Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acid profile. Land is rested between livestock rearing and waste is reused back into the land for healthier soil maintenance. Natural methods are used to prevent pests and disease with a strong emphasis on the protection of insect wildlife too.

  • Organic Certified Farms (British)
  • Reared for almost 3 months
  • No Chemical Fertilisers Herbicides or Pesticide sprayed on land
  • Slower Growing Breeds fit and healthy to walk in and outdoors
  • Organic GM Free Feed manufactured without chemical technology processes and ingredients (please note this is different from non gm feed which is still synthetically manufactured )
  • Anti-biotic free
  • Tiny Flock Sizes
  • Unstunned Zabiha
  • Incredible taste and flavour

Freerange Plus: Freerange is a misused term and sometimes there is no difference between standard freerange and the factory farmed options unfortunately. We have used our expertise in organic processes to develop what we believe should be the minimum standard for an ethically reared chicken along with great value.

  • Slowly Grown for 2months
  • Slower Growing Breeds (same breeds as organic standard)fit and healthy to walk in and outdoors
  • Anti-biotic free
  • Corn fed with locally milled feed
  • Small flock sizes
  • Unstunned Zabiha
  • Incredible taste and flavour

When you buy Eden you buy with greater transparency and
help support a movement within the industry for better standards.

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