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We will have 1 Angus cow for Zabiha on third day of Eid morning. Cutting and packing will resume a couple of days later. Deliveries nationwide will take place between 21st – 23rd June.

Gross weight of animal will be 350kg – 400kg and once we have the animal deadweight this will be divided into 7 parts. All butchery will be a mix of boneless/on bone a mix of steaks, boneless cubed, mince, rolled joints, ribs and bones.
*35-40kg is the net weight you will receive after butchery is done.

Donate Your Qurbani

If you would like to donate portions or all of your Qurbani meat, as always we have teamed up with a number of charity organisations who are doing some amazing work with disadvantaged families and the homeless. They will ensure your Qurbani meat is distributed to families most in need and homeless soup kitchens Nationwide. Please specify in the notes section the organisation of your choice.

www.ghazalitrust.com (Greater Manchester based Foodbank)

www.sharemyqurbani.org (Nationwide foodbank distribution)

www.sevenwells.org.uk (Liverpool Based Foodbank)