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I’m sure you can tell the picture has a woman’s touch as opposed to my usual mechanical snaps taken by me that’s because I’ve got the 2 leading ladies in my life helping me on this one with cooking packing and photography (wife and daughter) 😀100% of Donation will be going direct to the Olive Mount charity. (Read on for more info about Olive amount).

The Healing Hamper Limited Run for Olive Mount consists of Organic slow cooked Ghee 300g Organic Olive soaked Figs 300g and Bone Broth 500ml from organically reared chicken. Minimum donation per hamper is £55.

I’ve been slow getting back on this you’ll remember last year I had my cap in hand to raise £10k for the Olive Mount project. A true change-maker project that will benefit you, I and the generations to come. Its probably took the pandemic for many of us to see that the Olive Mount project is not a pipe dream but very much an essential need for all of us that can’t be ignored. In the midst of the pandemic we have seen food supply chains collapse and communities particularly in the big cities struggle in many ways. The educational work Greensville Trust have done over the last decade has had a transformative impact on people in their personal lives all over the UK. Olive Mount takes that education one step further to create a space in which this education can become a lived experience for an entire community. If you haven’t seen the details of this project please please take a closer look. It’s called the million pound challenge but the visionaries and the team behind bringing the concept to fruition are also one in a million in calibre.. Even that is limiting. Right now in the west we are truly lucky to have these people within reach and it mustn’t be taken for granted. The opportunity is actually for us. A once in a lifetime opportunity. Their intention has already been rewarded so really they don’t need anything from us. It’s actually us who are in need of being a part of this. So keep following the journey this project takes and keep giving. 100% of ALL proceeds from these hampers will go to Olive Mount.

How to order

1: Make your order for the hamper online www.edenfoodco.com

2: Make your minimum £55 donation directly to Olive Mount on this link here https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/mohammed-kashaf

3: Send screenshot to us on 07885 788 567 and we’ll be in touch with a delivery date which will be taking place throughout Ramadan inshallah

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